Our Services

Dynamic Advertising Platform – Interactive Ads


  • CRN’s Dynamic advertising platform allows immediate engagement and long-term relationships
  • Integrating real-time information, directly into ads
  • Resources of AP, Bloomberg, UPI, Reuters as well as local content provided by CRN
  • News or information can be integrated directly into advertisements
     Examples of Dynamic Info:
  • News and photographs
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Schedules
  • Lottery results
  • Count-down timers
  • Hyper-local news
  • Local events

SMS Text – Email – Twitter – Facebook – Foursqaure

  • Today’s consumers expect dialogue
  • It’s a two-way conversation
  • Engage customers with interactive ads

Interactive Examples:

  • Polls
  • E-couponing
  • Testimonials
  • Test Marketing
  • Games and Contests
All the Features of Standard & Dynamic Ads Plus:
  • Sponsorship of a specific category of information
  • To keep the screens interesting to viewers, we display relevant news and information
  • We can find the perfect information for sponsorships and update it throughout the day.


Special Expositions
Democrgaphics and Traffic makes Ferry Terminals an ideal space for special events

Venue Capabilities:

  • Product sampling
  • Information distribution
  • Presentations
  • Sponsorships
  • Pre-event promotion
  • Conferences
“The event at the Port Imperial ferry terminal was a success for us. We were able to connect with pre-qualified motorcyclists in the our area that was traveling to the International Motorcycle Show (IMS). We reached thousands of consumers before they were hit with advertising and promotional messages from all manufactures and dealers in the tri-state area at IMS.” – Rich, Motorcycle Mall